Training & Development: Harassment in the Workplace

Mon May 14 2018

Harassment is a delicate, but necessary issue that should be addressed in every work environment. With proper training, managers and employees can detect when sexual harassment is taking place in the work environment and have the proper knowledge as to how to address or report such behavior. Aside from preventing lawsuits against the company, proper training can bring awareness and sensitivity to your staff. Harassment in the workplace is against the law; and there are consequences if harassment is found.

What is sexual harassment? Sexual harassment can vary from inappropriate comments to more serious unwelcomed sexual advances that can occur in the workplace. Employers are required to take appropriate action to protect all employees from such behavior. Sexual harassment training will help you and your employees define and identify sexual harassment in the workplace, as well as take appropriate measures for resolving any incidents of harassment. A company cannot ignore any claims of sexual harassment and any allegations of such must be thoroughly investigated immediately.

For larger companies, sexual harassment training is required by law. Current legislation requires managers in companies that have more than 50 employees participate in two hours of sexual harassment training, and that this training is conducted every two years.

What is harassment? Harassment that is not “sexual” in nature is any unwelcomed behavior that may be linked to a protected category, such as gender identity, age, disability, sex, sexual orientation, marital status, etc. Harassment in the workplace is against the law. All employees have the right to go to work, do their job, and then go home; free of any type of hostility or harassment in their workplace.

Harassment training is in the best interest of your company. Although the current legislation only applies to companies with 50 or more employees, we strongly recommend that all employees and managers complete the training regardless of the size of the company. Small companies are still required by law to have a harassment policy and are responsible for protecting the rights of their employees. After training, everyone will have a better understanding of what harassment is and what to do when they see, or personally encounter such a situation.

Harassment training is designed to protect your business and your employees. At Executive HR Consulting Group, we can provide your employees and managers with comprehensive and sensitive harassment training and development seminars. For more information, or to schedule your company’s harassment training workshops, please call us at (818) 845-5584 or email us at