Safety Tip: Ergonomics

Mon Nov 25 2019

Good ergonomics are key to a healthy workplace. Effective ergonomics in the workplace can benefit both employees and your business by providing physical comfort, thereby improving morale and productivity. Ergonomics promotes early returns to work and a reduction in absenteeism. An employee who experiences discomfort with their chair or feels eye strains due to the computer screen may eventually experience slow productivity, lower energy and satisfaction levels and subsequently file a worker’s compensation claim.

Avoid back and wrist problems. Make sure your employees are aware of the common health problems associated with inappropriate posture, computer usage, etc. Ensure that your employees’ chairs are the correct height and depth and that their feet are flat on the floor. Their armrest should be adjusted in a comfortable position and the chair tilt should be locked into place. Taking breaks in between prolonged sitting is recommended so allow your employees to take regular breaks to walk around and stretch. Provide all your employees with an arm and wrist set, ergonomic mouse, and other equipment that can limit their risk of injury.

Good ergonomics reduces workplace injuries, lost time and avoids increased workers compensation premium costs. It’s important to provide quality equipment and furniture to your employees. Investing in ergonomic training and suitable equipment can definitely pay off in the long run by reducing injuries and employee sick days as well as preventing an increase in workers compensation premiums.

Get a specialist to evaluate all of your work stations. Call a specialist to come in and evaluate all the office chairs and workstations at your company. They can easily identify the potential problems and offer solutions to prevent workplace injuries. These specialists can provide beneficial advice that can help increase employee satisfaction in the workplace as well as save the company a lot of time and money. You may even call your current Insurance Broker or WC Carrier - They may offer this training to you on a complimentary basis.

Make sure your employees receive the proper training on how to adjust their seat and computer screen. Sitting at a desk for 8 hours a day can be tiresome and stressful on the body and mind. Proper training is essential for all employees and they should be educated on proper sitting postures, exercises, and stretches to improve their personal well being and health. Train your employees on how to adjust their seats and computer screens in order to achieve the most comfortable position when working long hours at a desk.

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