June 15th is "Smile Day"! Take Off your Mask....

Tue Jun 15 2021

Take Off Your Mask - But only if you're vaccinated!!!

Love makes the world go round, but a smile makes the world a happy place. A smile is a powerful thing.  Best of all, it’s contagious.  However, do note that in order to be effective, a smile must be sincere.  People can see right through phony or forced smiles.
A smile is so powerful, that it can:

  • Add years to your life
  • Make you a happier person
  • Make someone a happier person
  • It’s a mood change for the giver and the receiver
  • Improves relationships
  • In business, it sends a great customer service message. 


It’s easier to smile than to frown – A smile uses fewer muscles!