Sun May 20 2018

Terminations and Separation & Release Document

A termination should never be a surprise. Although your employees are your most valuable assets, at times you may need to sever the employment relationship. By coaching and counseling your employees through progressive discipline; if the unacceptable behavior continues, a termination is the appropriate action to take. The separation should always be done professionally and with respect.

Mon May 14 2018

Training & Development: Harassment in the Workplace

Harassment is a delicate, but necessary issue that should be addressed in every work environment. With proper training, managers and employees can detect when sexual harassment is taking place in the work environment and have the proper knowledge as to how to address or report such behavior. Aside from preventing lawsuits against the company, proper training can bring awareness and sensitivity to your staff.

Tue May 08 2018

Safety Tip: Prevent Heat Exhaustion as Summer Approaches

Managers’ responsibility to keep employees safe from heat exhaustion. With summer already off to a start, we can expect to see high temperatures very soon. As a manager, implement specific strategies to ensure your employees are not being exposed to heat stress while at work. Reduce workers compensation and improve your company’s compliance by introducing basic guidelines for your employees to abide by when working under harsh weather conditions.

Sat April 28 2018

Maintaining a non-union environment: Employee relations

Proactive and effective employee relations are critically important to maintaining a non-union work environment. Satisfied employees who feel as though their voices have been heard are less likely to seek out a third party. The best way to avoid unionization is to use positive employee relations techniques.

Mon April 23 2018

Safety Tip: Horseplay at Work

Horseplay means things like running in the hallways, playing basketball in the office, etc. Horseplay at workplace can be anything from a harmless prank to harassment or other unethical and unsafe acts. Often times, employees who want to alleviate boredom or stress behave in such ways and engage in rough play in attempts to keep the environment light and friendly.

Sat April 14 2018

Equal pay - equal work

It's the law! Governor Brown signed Senate Bill 358, effective January 1, 2016, which strengthens the existing equal pay laws from 1949. Two years ago, Governor Jerry Brown helped put an end to the wage gap between men and women with the California’s Fair Pay Act. The existing law which was signed in 1949 didn’t completely eliminate the wage gap as men still earned more money than women for performing the same or similar work.

Mon April 09 2018

Posting required notices and posters in the workplace

Posters may not be pretty; nor may they fit with your "Décor," but it's the law! Failure to post legal notices could result in a fine of $10.000.00. Whether it’s posted in the staff lounge or in the main office, employers are required to place legal notices and posters in areas which are easily accessible to all employees. Failure to comply with these regulations goes against the law and can result in a hefty fine.

Sun April 01 2018

New workplace safety and health regulations protecting hotel housekeepers

It’s soon to be the law! Effective July 1, 2018, Cal/OSHA will be enforcing a new set of workplace health and safety regulations that specifically target the hospitality industry. These regulations are the first in the nation to protect housekeepers from common risk factors leading to on-the-job injuries.

Mon March 26 2018

Administrative Assistant’s Day – Show your Appreciation

Your employees are your greatest asset; show them you care! Administrative Assistant’s Day is April 25th, 2018, and it’s important to show your assistants what a valuable part of the business they are. Showing appreciation for their hard work can have a positive effect on their work performance.

Mon March 19 2018

Understanding Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA)

It is the law. Employers are required to make "reasonable accommodations" for persons with disabilities. Employers are not allowed to discriminate against employees with disabilities. Companies need to make special arrangements for their workers who may be physically or mentally unable to perform certain tasks.