Mon December 11 2017

What are your HR New Year’s resolutions?

Prepare your 2018 goals. Do you have any new goals that you would like to accomplish next year? New systems you want to put into effect? With this year coming to an end, it’s important to reflect back on all your past accomplishments and decide what new goals you want to set for this upcoming year. Start preparing early so you can get right into it when 2018 comes around.

Fri December 01 2017

HR Compliance: The WARN Act

It’s the law - The Worker Adjustment and Retraining Act (WARN) applies to companies with 75 employees or more. This law protects employees and their families by providing them advance notice in the event of a plant/location closure. Private, for-profit and nonprofit employers are covered under this law as are public entities. However, government entities, including federal, state, and local agencies are required to comply.

Mon November 27 2017

Interview skills training

Asking certain questions during the interviewing process can get you into trouble! Some candidates might file a discrimination or EEO claim against you, resulting in fines. When interviewing an applicant, it’s important to be aware of what questions are appropriate and which ones may come off as discriminatory or offensive, or just plain illegal. Make sure you and your interviewers are fully trained on what type of interviewing questions should be asked.

Fri November 17 2017

Employee-sponsored Super Bowl pools are illegal. Don’t sanction gambling

Many companies allow their employees to participate in Super Bowl pools. Whether amongst a few workers or with the entire company, many employees get involved with Super Bowl pools in the workplace. These pools, after all, can boost morale amongst employees and add a lot of excitement. Unfortunately, allowing these pools to take place can create issues and should be avoided within the workplace.

Mon November 13 2017

Safety During Holiday Parties

Holiday parties are a great way to recognize and thank your employees for their efforts. A company is nothing without its employees and with the holidays just around the corner, take the opportunity to celebrate your company’s accomplishments and success with your employees. Acknowledge and show appreciation for their hard work and commitment by planning a fun and festive holiday party.

Sat November 04 2017

Employee Engagement Surveys

Engage with your staff by asking for your employees’ feedback. By being involved in the company’s internal operations, employees may have great valuable insights that can help your company succeed. Whether dealing with company challenges, or finding ways to improve employee relations, obtaining feedback from your employees can help create a more positive and productive working environment.

Fri October 27 2017

Employers Prohibited From Relying On Salary History In Making Hiring Decisions

It’s the law! As of January 1st, 2018, California employers will be prohibited from relying on salary history when determining whether or not to make a job offer, or in determining any salary offer to a new hire. This new law, labeled AB 168, was signed into law by California Governor Jerry Brown on October 12, 2017.

Fri October 20 2017

Reminder: Daylight Savings Time Ends Next Month!

Don't forget the time change! November 5th is just around the corner and it’s important to remind all your employees about setting their clocks back an hour. Not only will this give you an extra hour of sleep but it will also help you avoid being early to any important appointments or arriving to work early that day!

Mon October 16 2017

Flu Season is Quickly Approaching!

Winter season brings colds and flu; resulting in loss of productivity and increased sick time. Flu season is fast approaching and it’s important that employees and management take proper care of themselves. Getting the flu shot can help prevent the spreading of this illness to others at work. This virus may not only make you feel groggy and ill, but it can negatively affect your performance at work as well.

Fri October 06 2017

HR policy: Time off of work for Jury Duty

Employers are required to provide time off to employees to attend jury duty. Every once in a while, your employees will be called upon to complete jury duty and this requirement may become a conflict with their work schedules and your operational needs. As employers, it’s important to not discriminate against employees who need time off to attend jury duty.