Tue February 20 2018

Safety Tip: Lost Time Injuries

Your workers’ compensation premiums will increase when you have employees who lose time from work because of a work-related injury or illness. Getting injured on the job negatively affects both the employee and the company. Having employees who are unable to physically complete their work responsibilities due to injuries can be problematic for your company.

Mon February 12 2018

HR policy: Smoking in the workplace

Smoking in public areas is against the law. Smoking in the workplace puts employers at risk for violating health and safety laws. Smoking laws in the workplace apply to employers who have more than five workers. Smoking restrictions state that employees are not permitted to smoke inside a public building or in an outdoor area 20 feet of a main exit.

Mon February 05 2018

Human Resources: Compliance vs. best practice

Compliance with Employment Law is required: HR best practices are not. Employment and labor laws include both federal and state. Federal laws are overseen by the U.S. Department of Labor and apply to all organizations whereas each state has their own set of laws that companies are required to abide by. Best practices, although not required, are helpful methods and techniques that bring quality results to the workplace.

Mon January 29 2018

Which Laws Apply to You?

Depending upon the size of your employee population, certain laws may apply to you! It is important that you know which laws those are, so you can comply. Staying compliant with state and federal employment laws can help keep your business out of trouble. It’s important to make updates to your policies if you meet a certain employee-mark. While some laws are mandatory despite the number of employees in the company, others only become active once you meet a threshold.

Mon January 22 2018

Employee Relations – Valentine’s Candy Grams

Want to increase employee morale and enjoy Valentines Day at work? Have your HR department sell candy grams this Valentine’s Day! Employees can buy candy grams for co-workers, and HR will deliver them on February 14th. This is an excellent way to let employees share their appreciation for one another, while providing them something fun that offers a great break from the traditional running of the office.

Mon January 15 2018

Safety tip: How to properly lift

Proper lifting is an essential part of many different jobs. Whether you manage a factory, a restaurant, or any other business, at some point, employees are likely to be asked to lift heavy items. Making sure that they are lifting properly can reduce the risk of injury and even make lifting easier.

Mon January 08 2018

Employees and the military: What is Civil Air Patrol Leave?

If one of your employees is a member of the US Air Force, you must provide them with time off without pay for military service. Under the Civil Air Patrol Employment Protection Act, employers are required to provide any employee who is part of the California Wing of the Civil Air Patrol with time off to attend emergency operational missions.

Tue January 02 2018

Employee Safety Laws at work

OSHA (Occupational Safety and Health Act) is the governing law as it relates to safety in the workplace. The safety and health of your employees in the workplace should be a top concern. OSHA, a governmental agency, requires that employers enforce strict standards and safe working conditions for their employees through training, education, and outreach. The OSHA act covers most private sector employers but not employees at state and local government agencies.

Tue December 19 2017

Understanding unemployment insurance and the EDD

Unemployment Insurance is paid both by the employee and the employer. It's the law. Unemployment insurance helps workers who have lost their job and aren’t able to work, bring home a steady income. Employees who meet the eligibility requirements can greatly benefit from this program. Requirements state that employees should be totally or partially unemployed, available for work, physically able to work, and actively looking for work, amongst other criteria.

Mon December 11 2017

What are your HR New Year’s resolutions?

Prepare your 2018 goals. Do you have any new goals that you would like to accomplish next year? New systems you want to put into effect? With this year coming to an end, it’s important to reflect back on all your past accomplishments and decide what new goals you want to set for this upcoming year. Start preparing early so you can get right into it when 2018 comes around.